Curated Anthology Milestones

Thank you for submitting a Contribution to one of our curated anthologies. We hope that you enjoy the process and find success in it. To provide an overview of what lies ahead, there are six major milestones to meet along the way between a Curator launching a SOOP Anthology and the book being published. Each of these milestones are crucial to the book’s eventual success.

  1. Anthology Idea Live Milestone – After a Curator submits an Anthology Idea via the SOOP website they invite others interested in submitting stories to vote for publication. 
  2. Accepting Submissions Milestone – 50+ authors voting for an Anthology Idea provides enough interest in the curator’s vision to launch the book. SOOP then notifies voters to submit contributions, gather votes, and work through our brief but crucial homework assignments. This helps them prepare their contribution and author platform for publication. The Anthology remains open for new submissions throughout the process.
  3. Manuscripts Confirmed Milestone – This Milestone is reached when a target number of Contributions have passed the Manuscript Evaluation that the curator performs at 25 Votes. This milestone is crucial because it’s at this point that the book takes shape as a curated collection of literary works.
  4. All Contracts Signed Milestone – This milestone is reached when the target number of authors reaches 50 votes and returns signed contracts. With the author-SOOP relationship legally established and authors having completed their homework assignments, SOOP proceeds to produce the book.
  5. Halfway to Publication Milestone – Half of the authors have generated at least 10 pre-orders via the pre-order campaign provided by SOOP. The goal is to target readers, so the curator and SOOP will work with authors on reader-focused promotion via email marketing, social media marketing, and conversations with indie bookstores. The ultimate responsibility to obtain these pre-orders, however, lies with the authors.
  6. Publication Date Set Milestone – Once all of the authors have generated at least 10 pre-orders via the pre-order campaign mentioned in Milestone 5, SOOP will set a formal publication date for the book.



Do you have questions about any of these milestones or the SOOP Anthology Program in general? Feel free to reach out to the curator of your anthology! Have a question your curator might not be able to answer? You can always reach the SOOP Anthology Team at [email protected].


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