#Marketing Mondays: What Should You Post About?


As an author, you may wonder what your audience would like to see on your blogs and posts. The answer is simple. Give them something that will make them remember you. Tell them a little bit about yourself and where you are on your writing journey. Give them something that screams something personal about you and your work. Doing this will up your odds of someone reading what you are writing. 

When you network on social media make sure you focus on what the people you are networking with are interested in. Focusing on interests will help you figure out what you need your posts and blog to focus on. You need to capture the attention of your target audience. That is going to be one of the hardest things that you do as an author. Give it some thought and post a few different things and see what your audience reacts to the most. 


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Posting on social media can be a daunting thing. Trust me; I was scared when I first started posting too. It makes you think about what your writing is about, and who you are as a writer. What image do you want to present to your audience? Do you want them to like you, or do you want them to keep coming back for more? When getting used to posting at least once a day on Twitter, once a week on Facebook and your blog it becomes more clear where you are heading as a writer. Your first posts may not be the best, but with time you will get better and more people will react.

Blogging is an entirely different thing. You have to make a blog about things your audience wants to know about you and your writing. For example, you could write about yourself and how you decided to become a writer. That will peak their interest. Then you follow up with a snippet of your writing so they can see what your writing style is and what you are trying to accomplish. After you have established yourself make sure that you keep their interest by posting about things they are interested in and you at the same time so that they correlate the two things together. 



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Make sure that you focus on the audience and not what you want to blog about. If you have an audience that is interested in horror, try to blog or post about that. For example, if you go and see a horror movie write a review about it. Writing reviews will show your audience that you are willing to explore more than just your writing. Add a little piece of yourself to every post, and you should be successful in gaining a decent following. Your target audience’s interests are your keys to success. 







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