New Book Ideas and SOOP Dollars!


SOOP_HOT_NEW_BOOK_IDEAS1-217x300Who among you, readers and authors, can believe that it is already June 1st. Certainly not I. This past weekend, the US celebrated Memorial Day. Beside it’s mournful undertones, Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. Families get together, grill hamburgers, hot dogs, and the odd veggie patty (at least at my house) and in general enjoy each other’s company. What does your family do to ring in the summer?

Besides the fun times, this post brings you a few new book ideas for your perusal. Enjoy! And if you find one you particularly like, Vote for your favorite here. 

In the order they appeared as of June 1, 2016, the newest Book Ideas are… 

Just visit their book idea page, read their synopsis and vote. Remember, a valid vote is one that expresses genuine interest in potential purchase of the book at a future date (it’s not a commitment). Looking for a book idea to vote for? See all the latest book ideas here

SOOP Dollars

As we do at the beginning of each month, SOOP Dollars have been awarded to the Top 5 vote earners from the previous month. As usual, the dollars can be redeemed for various services within Something Or Other Publishing within the next year. Congratulations to all earners!

  • 50 SOOP Dollars go to Wade Fransson for The Rod of Iron
  • 40 SOOP Dollars go to Jennifer Irwin for A Dress the Color of The Sky
  • 30 SOOP Dollars go to Carey Azzara for The Lottery Curse 
  • 20 SOOP Dollars go to Steve Wollett for Blasphemous Cocktails
  • 10 SOOP Dollars go to Christian Lee for Sealed

If you have any questions about SOOP Dollars and how to get and use them, please contact us. 


Wondering how to get votes for your book idea? Read the series of blogs on Marketing Mondays, or search for “getting votes” in the search box (top right). 

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