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It’s always our goal that our author’s books will be #1 Hot New Releases, and our goal is for RED: A Love Story to be an Amazon Bestseller. Why are those goals so important to us? Both show our authors, our books, and our company winning. Showing yourself winning is so important as an author and is important in any marketing setting. As Donald Trump says, “Toot your own horn. If you don’t, who’s going to?” 
Why is it so important to show yourself winning when promoting yourself and your book? People love winners. They get behind winners. There’s definitely a reason why the Lions aren’t as popular as the Tigers if you know anything about Michigan sports. Believe me, if the Lions are bad enough for me to notice and use it as an example, they’re pretty bad. 😉 People need to see you winning to get behind you. There is no middle ground. You’re either a winner or a loser.
Show yourself winning by talking about great reviews when you get them, saying how wonderful your publisher is and how helpful they’ve been, mentioning that someone important just bought your book, ensuring that the whole world knows that your book is a Hot New Release, and simply sharing every bit of good news that you can. You don’t want to brag though. There’s a big difference between bragging and showing yourself winning. Bragging is about glorifying yourself. Showing yourself winning is thankfully pointing out your success and giving people a reason to support you.
Next time you win with your book or career as a writer or author, show it off, not boastfully but thankfully, and draw in a bit more support each time.


  1. Christian, this is a great piece. You point out how being thankful for others helping you is part of “showing yourself winning”. Excellent advice!

  2. Totally agree, Valerie. Great advice, Christian, thanks!

  3. Wade Fransson says:

    Hear Hear! I love being part of this winning SOOP team, and am so thankful to work with such talented people.

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