SOOP on Saturdays: New book ideas are in bloom!

tulip-flowers Blooms are popping out all over, and so are new book ideas!We’ve got a nice cross-section of various genres, from Romance to Reference, and some tantalizing titles to get you curious about voting.

Here is the latest crop from you active writers and authors, in the order they appeared:

I’m thinking you’ll wanna stay tuned for one of the above titles. There’s one hip dude in the midst who’s got a thing for history and knows how to “edutain”. There’s another “cruel” dude who’d like you to get on board with his title.

Thinking-writerWhere is your book idea in our new list? SOOP would love to see your book idea posted and getting votes. Missing a particular topic that you’d like to see? Why not write it yourself? As someone famous once said,

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

If it’s not out there, chances are that someone else is looking for it, too. Why not scoop them and post your idea before any one else does? Which reminds me, that book idea I started a couple years ago…. hmmm… gotta go!

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