Publishing Options

The publishing world is complex and confusing, but here at SOOP, we’ve made it as simple and approachable as possible. Built to address the issues in the traditional versus self-publishing split, SOOP offers authors the resources and guidance needed to get published and achieve success as they define it. We call our approach author-driven publishing. In the SOOP model, the author ultimately decides between the many variations encountered on the path to publishing. Along the way, they are free to change their minds and adjust course to settle on the right path for them. Our model supports both of the following options:


SOOP is a full-service publisher, partnering with authors through our unique modelSOOPLOGO_AVATAR_G:

  • Authors submit their book ideas (see our submission guidelines)
  • Readers pledge support and vote for their favorites
  • Publishing with SOOP has two possible paths, Free and Professional, which allow the author the freedom to determine their own support needs throughout the publishing process  
  • As authors achieve various voting milestones on the path toward 2,000 votes — and publishing contract eligibility — they receive guidance and benefits and complete related check-in activities
Read more about publishing with SOOP


working on a masterpieceSome writers desire limited assistance en route to publishing their own work. We’ve got “a la carte” resources in place to help them get there:

Read more about self-publishing with support-on-demand from SOOP



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