“Let’s eat Grandpa!” Tragically, a life was lost due to poor proofreading. Jimmy and Grandpa would have otherwise enjoyed a tasty lunch if “Let’s eat, Grandpa!” had been properly punctuated. Good proofreading catches errors in logic and grammar; improper use of the semi-colon is also corrected. If you tackle the job yourself, let the piece sit for a while so you can approach it with fresh eyes. Or, delegate the job of proofreading to a professional who can ensure your piece is error free. After all, your point deserves to be well said.Money Times Article


Valerie Simons

Valerie Simons Blog Editor

Valerie J. Simons is a gifted communicator with a strong background in technical editing and business communications. Proofreading comes naturally, and she has to quell the urge to carry and use a red marker to correct the abundance of errors she catches in myriad communications from billboards to brochures. (Do you see the grammar lesson in: “It’s fun to watch Ted’s dog wag its tail.”? ) Have a good grammarian proofread your prose, because your point deserves to be well said.


Michael Schindler

Michael Schindler
Vice President of Publications

Michael Schindler is a writer, book editor, and filmmaker currently living between Los Angeles and Budapest, Hungary. After receiving his Creative Writing degree from the University of Kansas in 2003, he moved to L.A. to pursue a career in writing and filmmaking.Since then, Michael has written a number of short stories and screenplays, and has developed and produced five films, including a $5 million feature. The common thread in all these endeavors also happens to be his passion: story, well told.Michael’s natural ability to partner with other writers, his knack for getting to the heart of a story, and his devotion to detail have led him to a new focus in his career: story consulting and editing. In editing several screenplays and book manuscripts, he has prided himself on clarifying and maximizing what’s on the page without ever losing the author’s voice. He provides all levels of editing services, from proofreading to full developmental edits, with collegiality, care, and love of craft.


Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller
Editing / Proofreading

You have something to say to the world; Rebecca Miller wants to help you clean off your microphone and get your message out.As a lifelong wordsmith, playing with words is Rebecca’s favorite thing to do. During her young adult years, she wrote feature articles for local and national publications. She graduated from Waldorf College in Forest City, IA with a degree in English and a focus on Creative Writing. She served as the managing editor of her college’s literary journal, The Muse. Following a seminary education, she spent three-and-a-half years as a parish pastor while keeping her communication skills sharp through weekly sermon writing, regular newsletter articles and newspaper columns, and lots of interaction with a broad variety of people. She moved to the Flathead Valley in northwest Montana in December of 2010 and began a new phase of life. She now works as a freelance writer, editor, and blogger. Rebecca can help with basic proofreading, fact-checking, or more comprehensive content editing. In content editing, she takes a step back and views projects with a wide lens, carefully identifying areas of strength and weakness, ensuring clear organization and a consistent message, and fortifying the power and impact of the writing. She is conscientious, committed to helping clients achieve their goals, and able to meet deadlines. Rebecca is looking forward to helping you meet your writing goals. Wordsmith for Hire


Eleanor Bennett

Eleanor Bennet

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is an internationally award winning photographer and visual artist. She is the CIWEM Young Environmental Photographer of The Year 2013 and has also won first places with National Geographic and The World Photography Organisation to name but a few. Eleanor’s photography has been published in the Telegraph, The Guardian, The British Journal of Psychiatry, British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and as the cover of books and magazines extensively throughout the world. Her art is globally exhibited, having shown work in New York, Paris, London, Rome, Los Angeles and Hong Kong amongst many other locations.

Email Address: [email protected]



E.D. Bird – Proofreader


I am an excellent proofreader, ensuring (by dedicated, time consuming reading) that no errors are missed, sometimes reading through work more than twice. I believe that at least twice is the important thing. I am also now doing book reviews and have done quite a lot of editing where again, I go through the work thoroughly at least twice.

My preferred means of contact is via e-mail at [email protected] and my website is I have two pages on Face Book which are and My Twitter account is @BittersweetbirE. I’m not sure that my telephone number will be of any use to you as I live in Zimbabwe, but it is +263772215162 (that is my cell number).


Aritra Das –  copyediting and proofreading

I will be able to provide copyediting and proofreading services on science, technology, medical, management, humanities, and social sciences for authors as well as write school-level text and reference books on English, Mathematics, and Science for publishers.

I can be contacted via mail: [email protected][email protected].

Via phone: +918101948766 and +918237490466.

Via Skype: aritra_english.



Dr Juliette Lachemeier- Editor and Proof Reader

Dr Juliette Lachemeier possesses 25 + years’ experience in both private and public sectors as a writer, editor and career professional. She has a high degree of communication and English language skills, uniquely cultivated within diverse employment and educational environments – to PhD level.

Juliette is a full member of the QLD Society of Editors, with national accreditation in writing, editing and publishing to codified Australian IPed standards, and she is the Managing Editor of The Erudite Pen, her freelance editing business.

She works with independent authors, academics, businesses, and ESL students, as well as every-day individuals, in editorial and publishing advisory capacities. Juliette is also part of a freelance team of editing consultants for both a publishing company and the University of Southern QLD, where she assists both authors and doctoral students in preparing their manuscripts and dissertations for publication and submission.

As Managing Editor of The Erudite Pen, Juliette also assesses book manuscripts for publication readiness, and provides structural reports back to the author. As a copy editor, she ensures consistency of language conventions and styles, checks language appropriateness and improves sentence accuracy and clarity. She checks spelling, grammar and punctuation, and can improve language precision, cohesion, flow and clarity – while simultaneously retaining the author’s unique voice and keeping the needs of the reader in mind.

Juliette is very passionate about the use of writing to convey thoughts, ideas, illumination, inspiration and education. No editing project is too big or too small. You can connect with her and explore how she can assist you through the following links:

mail: [email protected]






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