What the Hell is Going On? by Cameron Cowan

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Dive into a thought-provoking essay collection that delves deep into the complexities of our modern world. In “What the Hell is Going On?”, Cameron Cowan takes readers on a journey through the intricate webs of politics, media, and environmental challenges that define our era. With a keen eye for detail and a wealth of research, Cowan unravels the stories that have shaped our present, tracing their roots back forty years to uncover their true significance. From the relentless barrage of sensational headlines to the ever-present threat of clickbait, this book empowers readers to see beyond the noise and grasp the context that underlies every news story. With his easygoing style and insightful analysis, the author provides much-needed clarity in a world that often seems chaotic and bewildering.

About the Author

Cameron Lee Cowan is a creative director, podcaster, author of several books, political commentator, and culture observer. With a background in music, fashion, and theater, Cowan´s multifaceted journey has shaped his unique approach to storytelling. He began his writing career in 2005, crafting essays and short stories that reflect his vintage flair. Drawing inspiration from his diverse experiences, Cowan intricately weaves everyday narratives into his work, aiming to leave readers with profound insights and observations. Whether through his contributions to The Cameron Journal or his novels, Cowan´s writing invites readers to engage critically with the world around them.


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