What the Hell is Going On? by Cameron Cowan

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What the Hell is Going On? is an essay collection to help you understand the world around us. Politics, the media, and even the environment are increasingly difficult places. Humanity is facing some big problems but the reality is that some of these problems aren’t new. Everyone is living in a story that started 40 years ago and that story is reaching its zenith. Don’t get triggered again or endure another tweet without getting the whole story on what is going on. Context is powerful and when we understand the news in context, we can easily see through the sensational headlines and clickbait ads that surround us on an hourly basis. The world seems like it’s a crazy place, get context and clarity by figuring out “What the Hell is Going On?” Cameron Cowan helps the reader navigate the world around them with an easy-going style and informative, well-researched work.

This book includes:

  • Capitalism and Democracy: How We the People Became We the Corporation
  • 1977: The Rise Discounters and Deregulation
  • The Financial Crisis and the Destruction of Our World
  • The Bees Are Not Alright
  • Genetically Modified Foods: A Story in Deception
  • Climate Change and Global Warming
  • The Death of the White Heteronormative, Christian Narrative
  • How Do You Lose 10 Million Men?
  • Nations and Nationalism
  • Racism 2.0
  • Teachers and Chalkboards: What is Wrong with American Education
  • Notable Events, Entertainment, Weather, and Sports

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