The Last American Editor Volume 2 by Ken Tingley

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The second volume of The Last American Editor invites readers to explore the meaning of life beyond the ordinary. An ode to the community and the love for self-discovery, Ken Tingley’s columns possess great value as they captivate the audience’s emotions by revisiting stories that are still relevant today. The collection of stories contains powerful testimonies with an honesty that keeps the pages turning and changes minds, hearts, and, perhaps more importantly, perspectives about the world we inhabit and the challenges we face every day. They explore particular themes or periods of a person’s life that best represent Small-Town America. Contact [email protected] if you need help placing your order.


About the Author

Ken Tingley was the editor of The Post-Star in Glens Falls, N.Y., from 1999 to 2020. The newspaper is a 9-time winner of the Newspaper of Distinction Award from the New York State Associated Press Association and a Pulitzer Prize Winner in editorial writing in 2009.

During his tenure, Tingley wrote an award-winning local news column regularly honored by the New York State News Publishers Association and the New York State Associated Press Association. When Tingley retired in July 2020, his column had been named a finalist by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists in 8 of the past 10 years. It was honored with a first-place award in 2016.

Since retiring in 2020, Tingley has authored three books. The first, The Last American Editor, is a collection of his columns, and the second, The Last American Newspaper, examines how newspapers impact their communities. He actively engages with his readers through The Front Page, a Substack newsletter in which he delivers a column three times a week to subscribers via email, making them feel valued and part of a vibrant literary community.

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10 reviews for The Last American Editor Volume 2 by Ken Tingley

  1. Stu Shinske, former Poughkeepsie Journal editor

    As a deeply respected editor, writer and columnist, Ken Tingley championed storytelling that illuminated slices of life, exceptional experiences and the triumphs and opportunities of folks navigating a complex world. In these pages, we see others, but we also see ourselves.

  2. Michael Lewis, former Post-Star sportswriter.

    For decades Ken had his finger on the pulse of small-town America, and his writing conveys depth, warmth and common sense that many columnists fake but don’t truly possess

  3. Chris Churchill, Albany (N.Y.) Times Union

    Ken does what all the best columnists do: He makes his readers think. That he writes in such a clear and entertaining way is an added bonus

  4. Eric Mondschein

    The Last American Editor, Vol. 2 allows the reader to gain a perspective on life in rural and small town America.

  5. Rex Smith, “The Upstate American”

    The columns compiled here reveal a committed journalist serving his community – by exulting in its triumphs, taking note of its shortcomings and always advocating for its hopes. Ken’s sensitive and insightful probing of the daily lives of people in the southern Adirondacks turns into heartfelt storytelling of the sort that is too often missing from contemporary American journalism.

  6. Mark Mahoney, Pulitzer Prize editorial writer

    There are two things that strike me whenever I read any of Ken Tingley’s columns. The first is how I always seem to get lost in the story. The second is how much people are now being forever deprived of these stories, these memories, these experiences, these life moments.

  7. Diane Kennedy, N.Y. News Publishers Association

    As editor of The Post-Star in Glens Falls, N.Y., Ken opened his heart to his community and welcomed the community into the heart of his newsroom, sharing the pain of loss and the joy of celebration.

  8. Tim Layden, NBC Sports and Sports Illustrated

    Ken Tingley’s powerful writing crackles with the type of confidence that grows from a deep immersion in his own community. The unspoken truth in his work is that his style of local writing is a dying art; read him to understand its power.

  9. Bill Sternberg, USA Today

    Ken Tingley’s columns – about life and death, success and failure, problems and solutions in the North Country and beyond – stand the test of time.

  10. John Valenti, Newsday reporter and author

    Ken Tingley doesn’t just tell stories of small-town America, but stories that are the heart-and-soul, the backbone, of all America: the joyous, the heartfelt, the redemptive and the soul-searching.

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