The Coming of the Glory Volume 2 by Eileen Maddocks

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This is the second volume in a planned trilogy by Eileen Maddocks – with an overarching theme of how the Hebrew Scriptures (commonly known as the Biblical Old Testament) remain relevant to current events and the ultimate spiritual destiny of the human race. While its predecessor “Gobekli Tepe to Elijah” covered the period from the earliest known roots of organized religion among prehistoric humans to the first of the old Hebrew prophets, “Amos to Jeremiah” delves into the period of some of the early major Hebrew/Old Testament prophets – their insights and influences on the advancement of religion – and, by extension, civilization itself.

Maddocks’ writing is densely packed with facts and historical religious references – reflecting years of deep and dedicated scholarship on her part. Yet her style isn’t dry or purely academic. It’s easily accessible and can provide readers with insights into what everyday life must have really been like for people living during the time period and in the locations covered in the text. Maddocks enriches the story with various detailed maps and charts and backs her work up with extensive citations. 

Mona Khademi, Researcher and Author of Some Questions Answered: The Life of Laura Barney, wrote one of the foreword:

“Eileen Maddocks has done superb research for The Coming of the Glory Volume 2. She brilliantly achieves the objective of presenting Israelite history and the Hebrew prophetic record entwined in a flowing manner that is easy to read and understand. The Hebrew prophecies are timely for us today. This trilogy enables readers to fulfill ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s directive to know the Hebrew Bible as the word of God.”


About the Author

Eileen Maddocks describes herself as a curious student who finds research and investigation exhilarating and fulfilling. She writes in a straightforward manner that is designed to encourage readers to seek and explore for themselves. 

Always a spiritual seeker, Maddocks explored several avenues of spirituality until she discovered the Bahá’í Faith in midlife. An in-depth study of the Bahá’í Writings gave her the understanding that this was the path provided by God for humanity in these difficult times. She subsequently served at the Bahá’í World Centre in Haifa, Israel, for sixteen years in positions that required research, writing, and editing. The spirit of adventure emerged as she coordinated staff performing arts workshops that were conducted in various European countries and also worked with European youth. She also found the time to coordinate staff day trips and weekend trips to points of interest and exploration all over Israel, especially archaeological sites.

Upon retirement, Eileen returned to her New England heritage and is now a writer and editor living in the beautiful state of Vermont. She returned to ballet and performed four seasons with Ballet Vermont in its production Farm to Ballet. However, she also felt the need to serve the Bahá’í Faith using her writing skills.


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