The 5 Year-Old Lawyer and Her Frog by Gloria Elizabeth Kadry Parra

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Elizabeth is a five-year-old girl who loves all the stories, especially the frog poem that Mother reads to the children. Elizabeth dreams of the day she can go to school near her house and read, read, read! When school starts in the fall, Elizabeth is determined to join the other first graders even though she isn’t old enough. Elizabeth has a meeting with the principal. What will she say? What will happen? And why does the principal call her “the best lawyer”?

About the Author

Gloria Elizabeth Kadry-Parra was born and raised in the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico. For more than twenty years, she worked as a federal lawyer for the Mexican Government. Throughout her life, she has enjoyed writing poetry and teaching creative writing to children, furthering her belief that creativity is the key to a happy, successful future. The Five-Year-Old Lawyer and Her Frog is a true story, Gloria’s first of what she hopes will be many children’s books about her early childhood years, living in Mexico with her five brothers.

1 review for The 5 Year-Old Lawyer and Her Frog by Gloria Elizabeth Kadry Parra

  1. Layng Martine Jr.

    A warm, wonderful story about a 5 year-old girl who loves the stories and poems read to her by her mom so much that she wants to learn to read stories and poems for herself. She begs to go to school. When told she’s too young, she takes her case to the school’s principal, shows him how much she already taught herself…and he lets her into his school! A beautifully instructive story about how much control we actually have over our lives.

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