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It is indeed a great privilege to be included in this inaugural anthology, SOOP’s Finest, a collection of the best stories of SOOP’s annual writing contest. I am so excited to be part of this eclectic list. Anthologies from Something Or Other Publishing have been increasingly successful, garnering excellent reviews and critical acclaim. You can learn a little bit more about my specific short story below:
The dark and treacherous Sunderbans breed a dangerous and indomitable danger. It is the deadly and continuous pangs of hunger. This persistent peril and the uncertainty of finding the next meal compels Sheeba, a tigress, to stake her life every night to find food for her cubs. Her search leads her to Arati’s lonely threshold. Widowed and ostracized from society at having angered the Forest goddess, Arati lives with her son and aged mother-in-law. As she locks eyes with Sheeba, Arati recognizes a familiarity. They are both driven by the desperate need to survive despite everything. The woman and the tigress – mothers, fighters, providers. Will this be reason enough to let Arati allow Sheeba to defy death for one more night?

About the Author

Amrita Chatterjee lives and works in India. She has published short stories and travel stories in magazines and Travel websites. She has self-published her first novel, \\\’Hiraeth – where the heart belongs\\\’ on Amazon. Both the print and ebook versions are available on all Amazon marketplaces. It has been widely appreciated and reviewed by all her readers. She is passionate about storytelling. Her blog amritawrites.com is a story loom where she weaves stories drawn from her life around her.

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