Winners: A Compilation of Award-Winning Short Stories

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Winners: A Compilation of Award-Winning Short Stories is a forthcoming anthology by Something Or Other Publishing that compiles the best short stories from our 1st Annual Short Story Contest. This writing competition honors excellence in writing short stories across 25 categories, including Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry.

Curated by Alia Luria, award-winning author and SOOP’s Director of Anthologies, this collection of well-written stories is diverse in content and genre, becoming particularly enjoyable to anybody with a broad appreciation for storytelling and treasuring new reading jewels. An excellent gift for anybody who enjoys reading.

Something Or Other Publishing recruited an incredibly diverse group of authors from multiple backgrounds and nations to participate in this contest. Our designed panel of judges chose the best among the best!

Nonfiction, Biographies & Memoirs
The Chipper by Leah Smith
The Little Black Book of Soyuznik by David Lutes
Roy McDonald: A profile in courage by Ken Tingley
Loosening by Chad Crossley
Families, Relationships & Inspirational
Pictures on The Wall by Chana Kohanchi
Between Life and Death by Sameen Azmat
The Secret by Giovanni Margarone
Crocheting in Heaven by Eve Gaal
Black and Benevolent Is the Dark by Ngoma M. A. S. Bishop
Historical Fiction & Adventure
Tales of Hunger in the Forest of Death by Amrita Chatterjee
Harmony Hall by Chad Crossley
Children’s Stories
Alyssum’s Wish by Daniel Ice
A Very Beautiful Rainbow by Marcus Mulenga
Young Adult
Dulce by Jessica Parrish
The Collector by Haley Forté
Science Fiction, Dystopian & Fantasy
The Storyteller’s Daughter by Sophie Trist
The Irony of Everything by Leah Reise
Liana and the Seventh Spin by Roberta Azzopardi
Greetings from Earth by Preston Dennett
Thriller, Horror & Mystery
Bury Your Dead by Emily Astor
Workaholic by Ralynn Frost
Him by Maria Rice

About the Author

SOOP’s Author-Driven Book publishing model is revolutionary. It combines the best elements of both traditional and independent publishing while taking advantage of social media and crowd sourcing. Our authors control the process of platform building, contracting, and development, and they earn higher royalties than with other publishing houses. We call this new model author driven publishing, and it’s all about educating and empowering authors to realize their own goals of success.

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  1. Jay Luster

    If Earth were snubbed out of the cosmos, would the cosmos even notice? That is the stunning question Leah Reise has challenged us with in “The Irony Of Everything. While she wisely avoids religious assumptions, she doesn’t shy away from spirituality. Would you, in those brief final moments of your existence, want to be alone, or would you prefer to gather at the bonfire with all your loved ones? Or would you perhaps choose to spend those precious seconds dangling from life’s tether in the arms of honesty, forgiveness, and love? The irony is, as she deftly concludes, that even when nothing of our existence survives, the simple fact that we existed at all is both a miracle, and matters. It’s easy to see why she won the SOOP Dystopian Short Story Grand Prize in 2021.

    Jay Luster Rock On Magazine

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