Fate, not a threat, an opportunity



I’m excited to be included in Passionately Striving in Why, an inspiring and uplifting anthology featuring the stories of women who found and now live out their purpose.
My story is “Fate, not a threat, but an opportunity”
For many years, I was a manager leading teams in complex, multicultural projects, advising senior management in international missions.
2014: My world collapsed. During a surgery, my spinal cord was injured. I went from a world where I was active to a world where I was bound to a wheelchair. It was also the awakening of a writer… and of a new life. Dipping my pen in the well of my pain and anger, but also my positive spirit and humor, I left my businesswoman’s attire in the closet and published my first book, Le roseau penchant (The Bending Reed, the Story of a Marvellous Operation) Editions Fauves. I am a motivational speaker at many conferences – Connecting Women, Jump, Women’s Forum Paris, TEDx Women, etc.

About the Author

For nearly forty years, Nadalette La Fonta buried her dream of being a writer.
Nadalette, French, living in Paris, was always on the go. A woman with a forceful character, committed, passionate, she enjoyed one success after another in her career, holding coveted positions in the worlds of communication, marketing, and human resources management. Mainly with Blue chip companies such as MCDonnell Douglas, Apple Computer Inc and IBM Corporation. A wife and mother of three daughters, she also had a busy personal life, organizing the everyday activities, vacations, parties at home… sitting and doing nothing was not Nadalette’s style.
And yet…
Nevertheless, for Nadalette, the nightmare contained some “blessings in disguise”… among them, the chance to confront her true self and dare to realize her dream: TO WRITE.
In 2017, Fauves editions published her first book \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”Le Roseau Penchant, l\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’histoire d\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’une merveilleuse opération\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” – The bending reed, story of a wonderful operation. Then she was called to share more of her life, of her failures and of her success.
Becoming a motivational speaker, Nadalette has given in 2018 in Paris a TEDx conference \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”Rien ne nous arrive par hasard\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” Nothing happens by chance – which, on YouTube, has outpaced a million 600 000 views https://youtu.be/8S8mie3bwtw
And she is planned to further public appearances, and is in the process of writing another book, a novel.Nadalette has received the Prize Resilience of the ReStartAwards 2019 in Paris.

Nadalette has followed the following certifications: Corporate Coach U: Graduate Coach (2005). NPL courses on Meta-programs and the Hero’s journey, NPL graduation level1& 2. Master in NeuroLinguistic Programming in 2008 – Generative Coaching R.Dilts 2009. Advanced Certification of the Chartered Institute of Marketing – London (1998). Enterprise Strategy and Economics at the University of Dauphine, Paris (1993). She is a Graduate of the Institute of Political Studies, Aix en Provence (1977) and she speaks English, Spanish, and French.
Nadalette has been working also as a volunteer – At European Professional Women Network association – VP Membership – 2005 to 10 – Business Coach a South Africa , Vietnam and Malaysia teams https://www-146.ibm.com/corporateservicecorps – Part of IBM CSC India team in Chennai in 2011 as a volunteer herself. Part of the Digital Ladies association in France

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Le roseau penchant : http://www.fauves-editions.fr/index.asp?navig=catalogue&obj=livre&no=64

TEDx Rien ne nous arrive par hasard : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S8mie3bwtw

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