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I’m excited to be included in Women Wrote Now Volume 1, an anthology of personal stories of trauma and recovery from women around the world. Anthologies from Something or Other Publishing have been increasingly successful, garnering excellent reviews and critical acclaim. You can learn a little bit more about my specific short story below: My story in particular is about how lockdown helped me to heal even further from my trauma and realise how I had been the one to break free of my generational pattern. I also touch on what it’s like to be a high functioning person and how it’s the issue’s that you least expect that lead you on the path to healing. When you’re not yet healed it can be difficult to see your life in any other way. A life after trauma seems as though it’s something that’s non existent, but I am living proof that it’s not and this is why I am sharing my story with you.

About the Author

I have had a lot overcome and deal with in life, experiencing in a short time what many wouldn’t in a life time. Healing has taken its toll in many ways, even to the point of leaving a gaping hole behind. Which was a shock as being free of the trauma and the devastation it left behind was the aim. Now after accepting my true power and taking it day by day to learn to live in my light, that gaping hole is being filled with positivity and recognised strength. Sharing this story is one of those many steps.

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