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In recent decades all criticism Islam is instantly met with labels of ‘racism’ or ‘hate’, sabotaging dialogue and silencing concerned citizens. In speaking out on this topic Anne Marie Waters, a British politician has done the unthinkable. Her book, Beyond Terror, addresses Islam’s concerted and shocking efforts to undermine the fabric of Western Civilization, and the Orwellian nature of liberal political support of the suppression of basic human rights.


”This book is excellent and enlightens the reader to the facts of the matter. No question left unanswered. The writer is a honest intelligent person who cares deeply about the future of Britain and her indigenous people but for anyone who likes democracy and a caring culture to live in then they need to wise up to the changes that are undermining Britain and Europe, and turning it into something that is alien and unrecognisable to civilised people. The writer Anne Marie Waters offers solutions that are political to prevent a civil war in Britain and to safeguard everything of value we respect. The writer bases her political views on morality and humanity, and she rejects trendy slogans and crazy open borders to the World, and virtue signalling and political correctness that stifles and oppresses those who speak against Marxist ideologies whether masquerading as liberalism or religion.”


”This book lays out the Islamic attempt to destroy democracy and freedom in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia. Anne Marie Waters tells the reader what is happening, why it is happening and where it is happening, with one horrific example after another. If you’re a person who doesn’t read a lot of non-fiction, this is the perfect book to give you the hard facts about the Islamic takeover and how it is aided and abetted by left-wing governments and intellectuals. It also tells you all the facts that the mainstream media has kept from you; you will be appalled to see just how much. If you’re a person who’s already read a lot on the subject, this book still has some things you might not have read about before. In addition, there is the enthralling story of the author’s journey from left-wing politics and an active role in the Labour Party to the creation of Sharia Watch and the founding of her own party, For Britain. I recommend Beyond Terror to anyone who is concerned about western freedoms and democracy and wants to know what’s really going on.”


”This books gives countless examples all around the world of how Islam is destroying our Western values. Evidence shows that Western governments are complicit in allowing Islam to dominate by allowing Shariah law to exist in our democracies. Shariah law allows amongst other things, FGM, so called honour killings, the subjugation of women and is allowing muslims to set up their own enclaves in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden etc that are diametrically opposed to our western values. It is important that if you value Western democracy that you read this book.”


”A very scary and true dictation of how the western way of life is under a real threat of being replaced by a 7th century ideology that has destroyed the Middle East for centuries. It’s a warning that Mother Shipton and Notradamus could only dream of and it’s happening in the name of equality and diversity.
A bible of hope to the awakened because evil prevails when good men do nothing. Excellent read.”


”One woman’s true story of how she addresses the serious issues facing Britain – Sharia law, courts & patrols, FGM – illegal mutilation of thousands more little girls genitals every year, which is being ignored by the Police & British authorities. The rape, violence & sexual assault against women & children – again ignored for decades by British Police and social services. And of course, how Labour, leftists & the mainstream media falsely accuse, slander and smear anyone who speaks the truth about these & other evils as ‘far right’, fascists and Nazis in their efforts to demonise & intimidate anyone who tells the truth about these horrors, endured particularly by women, girls and homosexuals right now, in 21st century Britain.”

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