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Experience the transformative power of propelling your book to #1 Hot New Release or #1 Best-Seller status on Amazon with the expertise of a dedicated team that comprehends the nuances of reader engagement and Amazon algorithms. 

SOOP offers a tailored best-seller campaign service designed to catapult your eBook to the top spots on Amazon. 

Our guaranteed deliverables include securing the coveted #1 Best-Seller or #1 Hot New Release status, along with comprehensive support in book giveaways, sales, reviews, press releases, social media marketing, email marketing, digital media advertising, category research, SEO, cross-marketing, guest blogging, graphic design, video editing, and copywriting. 

Delivered through a meticulously structured 4-week Marketing Plan, our service begins with meticulous planning in Week 1, where we collect essential book information, create marketing materials, conduct market research for digital media campaigns, and prepare a support group list. 

Week 2 marks the campaign’s launch with a paid media campaign on your platform of choice, press releases, and email marketing campaigns. 

Week 3 focuses on generating results through book giveaways, reviews, press release distribution, social media organic campaigns, and email reminders. 

Finally, Week 4 ensures campaign closure by including our monthly newsletter, announcing results across all platforms, and providing a comprehensive campaign report summary. 

Elevate your book’s success journey with SOOP’s Best-Seller Campaign service


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