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I’m excited to be included in Women Write Now Volume I, an anthology of personal stories of trauma and recovery from women around the world. Anthologies from Something Or Other Publishing have been increasingly successful, garnering excellent reviews and critical acclaim. You can learn a little bit more about my specific short story below:

A Recovery Story in Several Parts *Not Necessarily in Order* is a non-linear exploration of my experience with anorexia nervosa, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and suicidal ideation. I use the term “recovery” in the broadest sense, as my experience of mental illness is chronic: it will always be part of my life. Learning to accept and accommodate that fact is an ongoing journey, some of which is documented in this work. We are all works in progress and I hope this particular one helps those who are struggling feel a little less alone.

About the Author

Lindsey is a writer and practice-based PhD student in Narrative Nonfiction at the University of Kent in Canterbury where she is currently crafting her hybrid memoir. She received her BA in English magna cum laude from the College of Wooster, before traveling across the pond for her MA in Creative Writing with English Literary Studies at Lancaster University. She is a prose writer whose research examines representations of mental illness in literature. Her PhD draws on narratology, medical humanities, memoir, and trauma theory in order to create more authentic and ethical representations of chronic mental illness within her writing.

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