25 Servings of SOOP Volume 2: Stories of Emotion, Contemplation, Laughter, and Imagination

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A new collection of short stories looks to follow the footsteps of our first edition, 25 Servings of SOOP Volume 1, that served as a literary wine tasting of up-and-coming talent. This new volume will provide readers with opportunities to support established authors with whom they have already connected, and rising writers looking to earn the spotlight their writing deserves.


About the Author

Dannelle Gay, curator of the book and Director of Anthologies at SOOP, was happy to share some insights on the new volume:

“I absolutely adore short stories. It seems like we are always waiting for something these days– to be called into the Dentist chair, to get a table in a restaurant, to pick up the kids after school, and the list goes on. A book like this means having single-sitting stories right at your fingertips that let you do more than just watch time pass. You take a mini vacation into the world an author creates. I think you will really enjoy the collection that I was delighted to help pull together”

Stories to Tug at Your Emotions  
Residential – by Nancy Coleman  
Sunshine Acres – by Natalie Wright  
Stop to Smell the Grass – by M.D. Jerome  
The Wishing Well – by Megan Markovic  
Dead End Drive – by Melissa Rose Bushey  
Men of Troy, Hoi Polloi – by Bill Cushing  
Dying Innocence – by Ruby G  
Stories that Make You Think  
Starships & Rockets – by The Poet Q  
Thief – by Kurt Wagner  
Envy – by Regan W. H. Macaulay  
Admit One – by Tycho Dwelis  
Round Midnight – by Celine Elizabeth  
Three Friends – by E. A. Rohrmoser  
Bend and Break – by Mary Ramsey  
His Divine Balcony – by Madhushri Mudke  
Stories to Make You Laugh  
A Tough Nut to Crack – by Dannelle Fraser Gay  
Stolen Moment – by Linné Elizabeth  
The Recital – by Wade Fransson  
Stories to Help You Imagine the Possibilities  
The Ballad of Is’adora – by A.M. Mac Habee  
Of Quests, Firefighters, and Reluctant Witches – by J.M. Rhineheart  
Bird on a Wire – by Kaitlyn Tovado  
Doors Between – by Justin Attas  
Reuben – by Regan W. H. Macaulay  
The Will – by KristaLyn A. Vetovich  
Shadow Reels – by Suzanne Wyles  


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