‘Wings of Change’ By Ivory Trent

When the High Goddess decrees the extinction of the Witherblight people, the gods and goddesses under her control have no choice but to attack. Some of the gods enjoy the slaughter, feeding their bloodthirsty natures; others shy away from the conflict, preferring peace to war.

The young Legolin, God of Wind and Imagination, would rather be home with his followers than do the High Goddess’ bidding, but the punishment for disobedience is far too severe for him to leave. So he bides his time watching and listening to the events around him. When his Queen gives him a mission though, he must leave his watch and become an active participant in the war.

Seeing the wonderous green eyes of his mission leaves him conflicted, battling with himself and his morals. Can he really kill this child that laughs while facing a god sent to destroy him? How would Legolin’s followers react when they discover their god murdered a helpless child? But refusing to kill the heir of Witherblight means suffering from the High Goddess’ cruel punishments, a fate no one should ever face.

Legolin must choose between serving his Queen’s orders and keeping himself safe, or risk everything by helping this small child to live.

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