‘The Woman Demons Couldn’t Control’ By ROYCE PATTON

This is page 6 of my Official Citizen’s Complaint Form that to this date Nobody will look into so I would like to turn my experience with Domestic TERRORISM into a book and then a movie:

Once upon a time I was literally kicked out of an entire town because I Refused to Suck my Slumlord at the time, Charles “Rusty” Ransford’s, Dick and the ENTIRE Town of North Adams did their damnedest to try helping him to get me on my knees. I lost my Section 8 housing, eventually my Social Security, the Po-LICE called my Dr. and I don’t know what they told him but I was cut off my medication and the list goes on and on and on. I was left to die homeless and penniless in the harsh cold winter streets. Since I Never dropped to my knees for that Old Dirty Fucking Scummy Bastard despite everyone’s best efforts and I’m still alive, I believe I WON.
So as you can clearly see the ABUSIVE, Unprofessional Behaviour of this Police Department WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!
I was told by a therapist I have Military Grade Heavy Combat PTSD
From what North Adams did to me!
Luckily for You All, the people I’m dealing with only took my store, so I’m being VERY VERY VERY Nice right now. I AM NOT AFRAID OF ANY OF YOU and all I want you to do is YOUR JOB. The last time I heard that was supposed to be to “Protect and Serve”. I guess I should be asking WHO you’re supposed to be protecting and serving because from my past experience it’s most certainly Not the Innocent. I KNOW because I AM PROOF. Go look at my record. I’m over 50 and I have NEVER been arrested, in fact I barely got my first parking ticket recently because I was told the first 30 minutes were free but they weren’t. I don’t drink, I don’t do any drugs, I’m usually very quiet and I like to mind my own business.
From YOU!

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