‘The Secret City of Etheria’ By Onyx Perth

This is a story about a patient in a top-secret asylum built into a mountain that is hidden by a city somewhere in the mid-west, USA. The facility had begun construction way back in 1783 by some very rich contributors from all around the world. It was strategically built so far up that no one should really ever want to visit, and there is a natural phenomenon that messes with GPS, satellite, basically anything electrical other than what is inside the facility. Obviously, as time has gone by it has upgraded and so have the experiments. This facility is home to people from all over the world, the truly insane get sent here. The unexplained get sent here. Some of the people are patients and some are inmates. Unfortunately, they all get treated pretty much the same. Experiments to control the truly enraged as super-soldiers, some patients are just used for any experiments, and then there are experiments to try to use people with multiple-personality disorders. To try to make them all aware of one another and use them. There had been cases where a few people had almost physically changed when another personality took over. The governments wanted to use this if possible, as a way for infiltration purposes. One doctor picked the right patient to start on, Dr. Chadois. His machine eventually nicknamed the Shadow Machine became successful because it got a boost. The patient suffered from DPD, Bi-polar, depression, many others but also was suffering from a possession of sorts. A shadow demon had become attached. The machine got a boost from this which brings us to the main character. J-13-CK, or Jack. He doesn’t know what he is or was, just that he can do things that regular people can’t. The machine was successful seven more times. The patients however didn’t survive the extractions. Only Jack is different than the other seven because when he was pulled the multiple disorders stayed with him. So, he talks to himself and they all talk back. Each of the seven has different abilities, but Jack has them all. Just to name a couple, we’ll start with Shifting and Flickering. During the day or night, he can sort of teleport quickly from shadow to shadow and shifting is being able to go through solid objects. The story begins on the day an uprising happens due to a slight dosage error.

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