‘The Forgiveness of Carlo Gesualdo’ By Vaughn Roste

Carlo is not someone who is used to hearing the word “no” – he’s the Prince of Venosa, and no one outranks him except the Pope. He’s always had a problematic relationship with his son, however – well, ever since he murdered his son’s mother, who was his wife. It was legal though, because she was having an affair, and he caught her in the act. Such was the law in Naples in the late 16th century, at least.

Carlo spent the rest of his life trying to atone for this act, composing sacred music, constructing a chapel adjacent to his castle, and commissioning religious works of art. He was never really able to repair the relationship with his son, however, who stood to inherit everything upon his death….

This is the true unbelievable story of Carlo Gesualdo (1566-1613) – a masochist, bisexual, murderer, Prince, and brilliant composer. The facts of this story are all documented and verifiable; only these conversations have been invented. You think raising a teenager is difficult? Try raising a teenager when you murdered his mother…

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