‘The Audacity’ By Whitecoat Hustle

How can someone ever justify harassment to go by their means?

‘The way she was dressed, she was asking for it.’

‘Why did she have to go there in the first place?’

‘She needed to be put to her place.’

‘It was just a friendly rub.’

‘She needed to be put to her place.’

‘You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.’ So ‘her’ case was different?

How can someone ever claim to respect other women yet strike a certain woman’s dignity like that?

‘I’m the victim here!’

And what did she do?

“She provoked me!”

Oh, poor you.

‘She needed to be put to her place.’

And you’re the one to decide that? Let alone, do that?

Armineh decided to call off her wedding when she stumbled across a few harassment texts on her fiance’s phone, threatening a girl’s reputation. On confrontation, what surprised her was his claim to be the one to decide the girl’s fate and still be acknowledged as the victim in the situation. Armineh realized she could never win an argument against the sweltering patriarchy for in this era of patriachal insanity, gender-based justice was not for the weak.

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