‘Tales of hunger in the forest of death’ By Amrita Chatterjee

The Sunderbans, the largest mangrove forest sprawling across India and Bangladesh, are one of the most ruthless terrains for both man and beast. Persevering in its rugged terrains is a challenge that requires resilience, courage and above all the will to defy death. Hunger is the driving force here.
Sheeba, a tigress, a native of these lands treads out in search of food for herself and her cubs. Scarcity of game in the forest has made her desperate. She has become fearless enough to cross the raging rivers and trespass into human settlements to forage for food.
Arati is ostracized from her society as her husband, a honey collector, was killed by a tiger, a fate that most people of his profession are destined to. Left alone to fend for her family she has started fishing and often has to go deeper into the forest for a better catch. In doing so, she must ignore risks to her life from crocodiles and tigers.
Both Arati and Sheeba are mothers, both are hungry and both are trespassers into lands where they are not wanted.
They struggle to feed their family and to continue to exist despite everything.
Will they be able to win this battle? If then who is the victor and who will be the vanquished?

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