‘Rise Of The Inkling Destroyer’ By Abdulaziz Sharkar

This is about an inkling who was left out. He didn’t knew who his family was. He was always alone. He got bullied, insulted etc etc. He wanted to enjoy his life but it was hell for him. He even unleashed his powers causing him to become a monster. They sent him away from freedom and took away making his life very difficult and horrible. He has many secrets and powers that are hidden, waiting to be released in the future. He has many secrets that he wanted to hide. He escaped and wanted to live a normal life. Will he gets it or will it be a disaster for him . That type of stuff. He was brutally injured and almost killed too. Yet that made him stronger and always comes back. He doesn’t view hims and superior, the best out of anyone. He simply walks on the path that he follows, helping anyone in need. His heart, power, is tied to his anger. The more it grows, raging inside, the stronger he becomes, yet through all the anger, hate, wrath flowing through him, he is a force of good. A voice and a weapon of innocence and justice. Yet no one knows his actions are for the good.

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