‘Odin’ By Zenstateofmind

Odin, is the story of a boy who crawled his entire existence, when he could have walked. Even soared… Literally.

This story reveals history repeating itself time and time again.
We live in a world where parents do their “all”to secure a beautiful future for their kids- their plans affect their children’s marriages, career choices and even their lifestyles.

Odin (meaning a mythical god) would have had a more thrilling and fulfilled life, if he’d at least tried resisting the comfort his father had always provided him.
Instead, he lived an ordinary man with no purpose or future. He couldn’t even take care of his own father because, all he knew was how to be taken care of.

Parents don’t realize it’s one thing to guide a child, and another to not give him the chance to take risks, learn new things, unlearn some teachings or practices which doesn’t always match the child’s life purpose.
Most parents impose their belief systems and opinions on their kids. Some just want to continue to provide for their kids without thinking of newer ways to teach him survival.

In turn, the consequences follow; The parents deny themselves access to what better lives their kids could have provided for them and for themselves (it’s not just finances but in finding real love and happiness, which is the essence and purpose of living) and some of these kids live with resentments and regrets.

Odin is every child out there who is scared to step out of their comfort zone, parental consent or societal stereotypes, in fear of being labeled a rebellious child.

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