‘La Langagière – Part 1’ By Adélie Williams

La Langagière: noun. French made up word designating a small book cabinet made out of wood, that also serves at a secret safe.

1766, France.

A noble palace in Paris holds a secret. This secret has its roots in the Tower of Babel era. Of course, very few people really know about it, not even the Pope or any king do, and very soon, our three protagonists will. Sir Édouard, Marquis de la Seine, his friend, Godefroy Hermant the 3rd and Célestine, a witty sweet servant of the house, will embark you far beyond your reading spot.
It all starts when our dear Marquis goes on a cleaning spree, deciding to declutter his massive book collection… when peculiar books appear, filled with an unknown dialect. Soon, they are men and woman on a mission to decipher the mystery, taking them first, the mystical coastline of Brittany.

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