‘Inside the Vardo’ By Emily Dexter

A psychic in a magical land sits in her Vardo as the sun sets. She is exhausted and not happy that her guides sent her to this cursed place she is in.
A knock on the door brings a young man to her for a reading. However, he seems to already know his future and needs her help, not to see it, but to change it. Specifically, he wants her to help him change the one thing that is impossible to change about the future, his definitive event.
Everyone has a definitive event that is guaranteed to happen in their future and thought she has tried for years, she has never encountered anyone who has wanted to or succeeded at changing theirs.
As she goes to tell him she cannot help him, her guides let her know that her definitive event is to change his. Knowing this means that no matter what she does a definitive even will be changed, she begins to explore the ways that she can help him and what causes a definitive event in the first place.
She realizes that what people fear the most is what becomes their event and helps him to understand his fear so that he can release it and change his own future.

This story is a deep exploration about what defines us and the power of our fear to shape our reality. In helping the man the psychic saves a kingdom, simply by giving him the courage and understanding to overcome what he fears most; that who he is will never be enough.

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