‘Glob the Quiet Frog’ By Lucy Downer

‘Glob the Quiet Frog’ is a story about embracing being an introvert and learning how to find your voice. The tale opens with Glob, a desert rain frog from South Africa, who has yet to find his squeal. Desert rain frogs (as featured on David Attenborough’s ‘The Perfect Planet’) are the size of marshmallows, but emit a high-pitched squeal larger than their size would suggest when they gather at night to feed. Glob, however, is too shy to participate, so sets off one night on a journey to find his voice. On his adventure, he encounters three other animals for whom quietness is a strength. From the chameleon, he learns that blending in is a survival technique; from the South-African antelopes (the Kudu) he learns the importance of listening, and from the elephants he realises that being quiet is a powerful tool that doesn’t make your voice any less valuable. At the end of the story, Glob returns to his tribe, to join in with the nightly chorus in his own special way. ‘Glob the Quiet Frog’ is a picture book for 5-7 year olds, written by myself and illustrated by my older sister Sophie. It reflects on our own experiences of being negatively labelled as ‘shy children’ whilst growing up, and aims to spread the message that being quiet is not a flaw, but a power. The book also carries a strong environmental message, shining the spotlight on endangered animals, and educating young children on under-represented species.

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