‘Frequency’ By Kiara Maharaj

This story is written as if Asanda is watching video clips of her life and comically narrating the moments; she lives in an alternate reality in which the only continent on Earth is Africa. Asanda Gold is the last surviving member of the infamous Gold family of bank robbers. Her moms and sister died in a bank explosion. Asanda should have died too, except on her death bed a strange shadow granted her powers – she should have lost her hearing, except now she can hear heartbeats, music in earphones, and ants scuttling from two blocks away. More than that – different genres of music triggers different personalities in her – Rock, Classical, Hip Hop, Rap. She becomes a superhero known as “Frequency”. When she begins to hone her powers, she realizes that she can vibrate and connect with the frequencies of different realms and dimensions. She accidentally catches the frequency of a realm called The Island of Doors, where a woman and a hybrid animal awaits her. The woman pulls out a planet from her pocket, zooms into Asanda’s home village in Africa, and says she wants to hear Asanda’s story – thus looping back to the start of this written piece.

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