“Wide Awake” by Daniel Isamon

TITLE; WIDE AWAKEGENRE; FICTION, THRILLER, ACTIONWORD COUNT; 64,916 WORDS Dean’s life was interrupted by a home invasion attack which cost him his dad and six months of his life, he recovers and does some impulsive stunts that lead him and his best friend Sly into a bind. They get an offer from Rance the head of the RSA a covert private security mercenary to work for him in exchange to let the problem go away. They reluctantly accept with condition of doing only one mission. Rance surprisingly gave them the mission to guard and spy his wife working undercover for her. But it leads them to a much bigger task of saving 15million lives and the fate of the economic capital of Nigeria, Lagos. Find out how this duo went from ordinary college student and applicant to heroes who stop a nuclear attack by the Islamic terror group of Nigeria Boko Haram. It’s a journey of discovery, intrigue, loses and victory as they end up stopping the attack but nothing like happy ever after. Every finish line is the beginning of a new race in this action packed story. This story may be set in Nigeria and by an African writer but it is nothing like an African story, it shows a hidden side to security and insurgency in Nigeria. Unseen heroes fighting to keep the nation together against all ethnic and religious divide I can’t find the right words to shrink the whole story into a short synopsis and still contain more than the scanthy details shown here, but I assure you the story is much better and thrilling if you read the whole piece. My role model is Vince Flynn and you would not be disappointed. Thanks
Wide Awake by Daniel Isamon
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SYNOPSIS;PROLOGUE; Dean and his dad return home from church that Sunday afternoon to a home invader, a gunman in a military uniform in the house who murder’s his dad and attempted to kill him tooCHAPTER 1; Dean spends six months recovering from the incident in the prologue. He returns home a day to his birthday to a new neighborhood and decides to move on. On the morning of his birthday, he pays his final respect to his dad’s grave with flowers and then goes on to pull a very risky impulsive stunt in the quest for adrenaline CHAPTER 2; Mr. Rance Adeniyi, the head of The Rance secret agency was introduced pondering on his too prospective recruits Dean and Sly who had been missing from the street for some time and the spate of extremists attacks in Lagos and the mandate his company got to infiltrate and neutralize the terror only they had no clue what they were dealing with CHAPTER 3 AND 4; Dean recovered from his initial stunt and visits Sly his best friend who just returned from school in the UK. They decide to go to gym after a very long absence. on their way , they met Wale, a former high school mate, martial art mate and their chief antagonist with his small gang of hooligans. They get into a fight and the impulsive, volatile Dean sends a couple of them to the emergency room CHAPTER 5; Rance spotted the altercation from the top of the RANSCORP INC building and insinuates himself into the situation. He uses it as a leverage to get them to work for him to avoid jail time but they refused CHAPTER 6; this chapter shows a close family tie dean has with his mother and siblings, as they celebrate his birthday, he and Sly later deliberate and agree t accept the job offer with their own terms and conditions CHAPTER 7, 8 and 9; Rance is seen showing real concern over an attack targeting some of the RSA undercover agents with the terrorist cells. Two agents died, others badly injured and hospitalized and two unaccounted for and it was hard to tell what really went wrong. CHAPTER 10; Dean and Sly meet up with a friendlier Rance and were awed by the RSA. They accept the job with condition of doing just one mission and then allowed to decide their own fates. Whether to continue or not, they had decided on the later already and they were introduced to the RSA officially by frank an off duty agent CHAPTER 11 ; They start their preliminary training with a few other agents off duty, dean gets paired with a sassy female agent; Jenifer as his instructor. Her approach to training was to beat him and correct his error. After two weeks of what dean termed as torture from Jenifer, he finally learns enough to clobber her in a duel and send her to an ER Chapter 12; Dean and Sly meet with Rance after the fight with Jennifer and he permits them to start firearms training Chapter 13; after 2 weeks fire arm training the boss gives them their first mission to spy and guard his wife Elizabeth. Dean would work covertly as her employee while Sly will run a phone accessory shop opposite her flight agency ELIZ FLYERS CHAPTER 14; his mom traveled on vacation with his brother while his sister returned to school the morning of the interview. Dean attends the interview and was surprised to meet the boss and Theresa, the chief psychologist at the RSA a woman that made him feel uncomfortable and insecure as the interviewer and the decider. Another surprise was finding out a girl he met the previous weekend while shopping for his mother’s traveling things also worked at ELIZ FLYERS CHAPTER 15; on Sunday after a week of surveillance and spying, Dean and Sly submit a scanty report centered on Elizabeth’s allegedly having an affair with an Alhaji. The boss rejects the reports and asked them to bring him facts and not speculations and they should follow the textbook procedure for espionage and report writing CHAPTER 16; they return to work the following week and Dean finds Elizabeth’s assistant delivering a flash drive to the Alhaji’s ware house. He collects it from her and copies the encrypted content to his computer before returning it to her to deliver. He later sent the copied contents of the flash to Rance CHAPTER 17; Jane was irate and antagonistic of Dean throughout the week till Wednesday when she stumbled on another side to him. She accompanied him to an orphanage to drop off a donation and she was captivated by how much heart he possessed. She liked him from the onset but now she was falling for the kind hearted side that took to the orphans like his brothers. The day finally ends with them setting up a date Chapter 18; the boss informs Dean and Sly of one part of the flash drive they deciphered and it had to do with assembling a huge bomb, they were still working on the other part but the information would be passed to the JTF and DSS. They find out about a senator suspected of funding the Boko Haram terrorist but he was untouchable. Later that day Jane and Dean go on their date late in the evening. The date went fine and they even kissed but they were interrupted when Dean saw Shegun, an old bosom friend who had taken to a life of crime and Dean had taken a risk to keep him out of jail once. Dean forced a meet with Shegun the next day with a plan already playing in his mind CHAPTER 19; Dean Sets Shegun up to rob the suspected senator with his crew. Dean and Sly kidnapped the senator during the shootout that ensued between the senator’s security convoy and Shegun’s crew during the robbery and take him to Sly’s mom old warehouse/metal workshop. CHAPTER 20; they find out from the boss that the other part of the flash drive contained information on a nuclear bomb mechanism. They informed the DSS and JTF but agents were already at the Alhaji’s warehouse, they found out that nuclear materials were actually assembled in the warehouse but had been hurriedly moved causing some leakage, 119 agents were exposed to the material and there was no cure once you are exposed according to the UN nuclear specialist that analyzed the material, They find out the bomb plot was targeting a 13 to 1. They get inform million mortality. Dean and Sly are motivated by the lives at stake and pushed for information from the senator that leads to a DSS agent who was his personal security detail CHAPTER 21; Sly tracks down the DSS agent and brings him back but the senator had committed suicide with dean’s gun which Dean didn’t try to stop. He goes to dump the dead senator’s body in the river and heads off to deliver the detonator they found on the DSS agent. But he was suspicious of Dean’s tendency to kill after he found out he shot Shegun at the robbery/kidnap scene. They later discover the DSS agent killed Dean’s dad and Dean forces him to swallow his audio transponder and allowed him to leave so as to lead them to his bosses. But Dean had fallen apart with Sly and Rance and goes AWOL with the belief he had helped solve the case CHAPTER 22; the DSS agent meets his boss Mustafa who was highly disappointed by his performance, it was worse when he found the transponder which could be tracked on him; he killed him and buried him in a school field away from the site of the bomb plot CHAPTER 23; Sly got worried of Dean’s absence after he went AWOL for over 12 hours since before day break and decides to call Tina Dean’s girl friend. The only person that might know more about Dean than himself, she finds him but they get kidnapped by Mustafa and two other of his thugs CHAPTER 24; Dean is tortured for three days by two of Mustafa’s minions in an isolated place while Tina cries for him. It ended with Tina and one of the jihadist been shot dead and Dean killing the other. He called Sly on the cell of one of the jihadists and the boss brought choppers to get him CHAPTER 25; Dean and Sly resume pursuit of the terrorists with vengeance and determination. Sly had learnt to trust Dean. They track the Alhajis house with the aid of Jane and use his family to gets information that leads to the final saga. But he had to disappoint Jane and the Alhajis wife when he created a scene and. The Alhaji slits his own throat to keep information from Dean. They discover the Russian that sold the bomb to the terrorists was on his way to lagos to manually detonate the bomb after the loss of the remote detonator CHAPTER 26; Dean tracks down Saliu the boy that was supposed to bring in the Russian scientist with the information he got from the Alhaji. He neutralized Saliu and impersonates him to deliver the Russian nuclear scientist to the site of detonation. Sly seeks Jen’s help after they were cut off by the RSA for diplomatic reason CHAPTER 27 and 28; dean confirms the location of the bomb. Jen helps them get to neutralize the threat around the bomb and get the RSA involved after they were sure they had possession of the bomb. Rance comes in with a crew and diffuses the bomb Epilogue: an epic burial for Tina featuring a poem by the author THANKS



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