‘What if this happens’ By Karan Saxena

What if this happened….
A question that we encounter in all walks of life from an early age till the die we die. This question always fuels the thinker, writer, and creative genius of every person on the planet. Not a single day goes by when we don’t think of an alternative answer to the most basic of questions.
What if the evolution didn’t happen the way it happened?
What if the cold war never happened?
What if fiction becomes the reality?
What if history changes with our present?
What if berlin wall never fell?
What if AI becomes sentient?
What if…What if…What if…
This book is a compilation of 10 short stories on 10 such What if questions.
You might like some parts; you might dislike most parts but at least it will get the idea going in your mind. That was my motivation for writing these stories.
You can agree with a story, you can disagree with a story, both are okay. You might completely consider the story rubbish and think of your own narrative about the topic which is the best.
Now you can go out and write your own version of the What if story and the best part? It can’t be wrong because it never happened….or can it?

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