“Tired of Looking Down. I Want to Start Looking Up.” by Trish Perez

This is a non-fiction type of book, but with fictional characters. About a girl and boy who try to keep their relationship even though the girlfriends parents did not approve of it. Their Romeo and Juliet moment turned from loving and wanting to do everything to be together, while helping the girl become a better and stronger person in life, to war, pain, and emotional heart break over and over again. ————————————————————— This is about an asian girl who was sheltered inside her home, only being brought up to do what her parents wanted to do: pursue in singing and become a doctor. During her years of high school, she dates a guy (her neighbor since elementary school) who helped her venture out into the world. Pushing her to be the best and to be a strong individual, someone who strives for success in life. Romance settles in with her and the boy, but conflict occurs when her parents find out. Having strict parents, they forbade her from seeing him. She quietly sat by and listened. The boy, however, would not sit still and did everything he could to meet me secretly. Their relationship grew, more secrets started to conjure. The more her parents wanted them apart, the more they wanted to be together. She ends up rebelling against her parents, creating tension in the house hold. Listening to her boyfriend, she began changing, having a voice, and standing up for what she wanted. Because of her actions, she broke her relationship with her family, thus excluding her out of her life for one year, only depending on the words of her boyfriend. In the end, after their senior year in high school, he broke up with her because the relationship was growing difficult for him to handle because he wanted a normal relationship without having to deal with parents that would not accept. She then moves on, moving to Hawaii for her first two years in college. She moves on from her ex to find a new life for herself. After two years, she moves back to her hometown. Three months after coming back, her ex shows up in her life again, asking her to come back to him. She turns him down because she already had a boyfriend, but long distance. Days after that, he continues to pursue her, visiting her work place, and trying to open up close heart-strings. After a few weeks of trying, she begins to fall for him once more and accepts his relationship offer, thus ending her long distance relationship with her other boyfriend. They live a happy life of secrecy until he suggests that he wants to make amends with her parents, hoping that after two years, her parents would finally accept him. He ends up being accepted after a rough confrontation with the mother and father, but they end up going about their relationship normally. Months later, she ends up going to the same school, and both decide they want to live together.The story that follows after that: Fights to arguments, his mental changes to breaking up, pregnancy to abortion, and the ending is still being made.So much description, so little space to write. ————————————————————— Character Description: The Boyfriend (First Meeting): A positive individual who always motivated people and wanted people to live their lives to the fullest. An extreme extrovert. Dislikes negativity and tries to help the Girlfriend by showing her another path in life, by changing her for the good and allowing her to see the opportunities life has in store instead of following the footsteps of her parents. A determined individual and will do ANYTHING to get what he wants, even if it involves him to go berserk and trash his families garage just because the girlfriend did not have the courage to step one foot outside her front door to give him a kiss because her parents would end up hitting her. And even involving the police because he did not approve of his girlfriends parents hitting her even though she was already 17. The Boyfriend (Second Meeting): Appearance and look changed from wearing shorts 24/7 for 365 days in a year to wearing suits 24/7. Was into business and becoming successful. Wanted to work for Wall Street and was determined to get there no matter what. Still an extreme extrovert. But from how he was before, his thinking drastically changed from being someone who was romantic, buying the girlfriend small cute gifts to buying her expensive materials because he had the money for it. Once college started up again, instead of helping and supporting his girlfriend with her career and interests, he begins to degrade her by constantly telling her that she isn’t putting effort into making her life better for herself. His attitude begins to change from loving and caring to only caring about himself and his wants, not considering the girlfriends feelings at all. ————————————————————— This book involves, love, romance, relationships, sex, drugs/alcohol, abuse, police, emotional and physical distress, family & friends, psychological pain  Trish-Perez
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