‘Thorns Amongst the Vine’ by Devan Ingrid

In a world where centuries have past, generations have been replaced, new species of animals and plants have evolved. However, the world all began to change when a group of explorers discovered the taonga flower, a new species. Although to the mundane eye this flower simply appeared to be like any other, with twenty golden flowers exactly on it. Wrapped around the stem were a series of thorns that could pierce the skin at a single touch. The special quality of this flower is that for every birth, a taonga flower grew along with it, each linked to the infant’s life. As the child grew, so did the flower, and as years would pass, golden petals would slowly fall if the child did not receive love, as love was the source of life itself. If all twenty golden petals of the flower fell, then so would the person’s life it was linked to. The only thing that would prevent this fatal death would be to find your soulmate, your true love. The only catch would be that as more petals from someone’s flower, then they would lose their ability to love as well. This is the case for twenty three year old Colton Donahue, a hedonistic, party boy that does not believe in love, that only has four petals left. His days are numbered, and he has lost all hope, that was until he met a girl named Bexley Watson

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