Truth, as they say, is a dangerous weapon and must be used with caution. For the City of Harot, this is not a proverb, but an absolute reality. This is a place where even the sun’s rays cower in shadow.

The city has lain dormant for decades, but now three ambitious people have entered, starting a chain of events spelling destruction for the land. As the President of Syneria attempts to fight back, another disaster hits the territory. A dark force, invisible and savage, is loose on the streets, preying on humans, animals and wild beasts.
Amidst the confusion, Lord Elias Rayne sends his son Borkan on a perilous journey to seek answers. He must find the fabled Clan of the Holves, an ancient race who hold the key to understanding the chaos. This quest will take Borkan through a series of nightmares, each of which will alter his life forever.
For some, dreams are a fool’s paradise, but for Barbara Maddox, her dreams are sometimes beautiful, sometimes horrifying, and always truthful. Can her dreams help humanity survive, or will they lead them to their doom?
The North-Eastern dictator, Antonio Calaway continues to expand his territories, utilizing an arsenal of fear, wealth and treachery. Will he realize a greater game is being played, one in which he is a mere pawn.

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