‘The Orbs’ By Joseph Keck

In the Village of Happiness, Villagers harvest Happiness Orbs into energy that powers the town. All Orbs contain a single Sadness Speck that, naturally, the Villagers don’t want to deal with so they go and store them in a hollow tree at the end of the Village. After decades, the tree explodes and Sadness spreads across the Village. Gathering the Specks together at a field, the Villagers begin to talk about their own sadness and feelings more openly. Then…a miracle happens! All the Sadness Specks in the Field coalesce back into Happiness energy and the Village is restored. However, the Villagers now begin to process and use BOTH Happiness and Sadness to fuel their lives. Thematically, the book deals with the dangers of diffusion of responsibility, the value of individual action, and the importance of dealing with difficult emotions. Thank you for your consideration!

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