‘The Brazil 500’ By Mark Heinz

The tough guy, who maybe isn’t so much; his longtime friend the “spaz”; a Golden Boy out of his element in this rough, blue collar town; his energetic younger sister. In the summer of 1988, these four teens are joined by an adorably annoying tag-along eight-year-old, plus a deaf dog of mixed pedigree, various names, uncertain ownership, and a knack for blocking traffic.
This could winning squad in the town’s eagerly-anticipated annual event — a push, gas-powered lawnmower race through “Brazil,” a swath of city property deliberately left untouched to grow into daunting snarl of grass and brush.
Their mower is fading as quickly as the twilight of their childhoods as they prepare for race day, but tenacity, idealism and the bonds they share could be enough to overcome a torturous course, steep competition, cuts, scrapes, bruised egos and the looming specter of mechanical failure.
Sentimental, humorous and touching, “The Brazil 500” is a simple tale about a complicated stage of life.

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