‘The Taraxy’ by Gerardo Serrano

The @taraxy is the employee of the future. They have a PC integrated into their brain to be more intelligent and productive, eliminating interfaces as they remove healthy eyes and ears just to be updated with the most novel and state-of-the-art technological advances. Genocide of unemployed masses or lumpens has been legalized to eliminate overpopulation and social unrest. Fascist ©orporations have overthrown national States and immortality is possible only downloading minds into genetically enhanced bodies that can live four hundred years. SAX wants to be one of the @taraxy, but can’t afford the OS @taraxy that allows all this to happen. So then, he gets it illegally from the dark internet, since Companies prefer the @taraxy when they choose who will be hired and who will not, leaving the rest doomed to unemployment and death. That is just the beginning of his ordeal, because, when he tries to get a better job, the hirers discover his ploy and denounce him to the Neuronal Police. Now, sax must figure out how to save his hide. Sax is involved in a spy ring and high politics where he must make use of all his cleverness and wit to escape from the fate of the lumpen, the lowest of the low, which is death and extermination.

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