“The Spirit Bottle” by Bibiana Krall

Lady’s Island is renowned for its crumbling plantations and salt marshes that stretch for miles. Gracie, an unapologetic tomboy, longs to understand her place. Everything is complicated when ye vows, to never be like them.Her best friend Gus, loves her like family. All his spare time is spent on her back porch, or chasing after her in the woods. Nobody ever thinks to look for ou think too much. She hates getting older, feeling pressure to compete with other girls. Shhim, anyway. There is nothing finer than a sunny day, spent crabbing off Gracie’s dock. A slice of Southern life is the best kind, especially when it’s shared. When unexpected change comes, it brings deep fragility. Some things just can’t stay the same. Her heartache awakens an unknown energy, deep in the shadows of the trees. It has been waiting for a very long time. Drawing Gracie in with every challenge, it grows more powerful. One fateful night, they stumble upon something much bigger and more surprising than either could have imagined. When the walls come tumbling down, the shocking events turn the island, inside out. With deeper knowledge, can Gracie finally let go and trust her heart again? Will acceptance, release the supernatural energy that binds her? Or, will the spirits haunt her dreams forever? The Spirit Bottle
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