‘Redemption’ By Jason Bahre

Danny is from New Jersey, his Occupation is a criminal defense lawyer and while away on a business trip to DC he meets a young and woman named Julie. He has an opportunity to have sexual relations with her but his conscious wouldn’t let him.

One week later Danny’s curiosity overwhelmed his conscious and he found himself back in DC to meet with Julie. Danny broke his vows of marriage and without his wife Jolene knowing- as of yet. He lost her trust, her love and her companionship.

It was a cold Christmas morning when a stranger knocked on the front door of Danny’s house bearing both good and devastating news. The stranger significantly changes the directions of the lives of three people with the news that was brought fourth to Danny and Jolene this Christmas day.

Years later Danny’s life is changed again when Kevin tries to take a vengeance on Danny’s daughter. Angela is Danny’s new found girlfriend and her father is a very powerful influence and will not tolerate inappropriate behavior towards women

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