‘omnicide’ By issac bano

The story opens in 12.31.2022, year’s end in the Islamic Desert, Fata Morgana, at the White Mouse insane asylum. We meet professional comedian Barney Chaplin, psychology professor Cheers, and the other drug-induced crazies.
President of the Democratic Organization and Minister of War Alexander Monro and President of the Free Islamic Forces Suleiman Aswad fake friendship for the cameras. They enter the prison for a tour, where Aswad gives global terrorist Mike Satanic a briefcase. They see many celebrities, and Barney is told to tell jokes. They leave, with Monro taking Barney. Satanic uses the briefcase to escape the asylum.
Monro throws a party for his celebrity look-alike friends, at which Barney tells jokes. Monro tells them of the movie he has written. Then Monro gets a phone call that his army is being attacked. Aswad claims this is the start of a holy war.
The UN tries and fails to stop the war. After Barney tells more jokes, Aswad closes the Boris Straits. Monro sends ships. Barney gets his family to safety as the war seems to escalate.
Monro sends Barney to the front, where things seem bad at first, but soon the two armies are colluding and only pretending to fight while they have sex with dancers and play games. Back at his office,

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