‘Nightmare ‘ By Cheyenne Jamerson

Nyx, a warrior named after the Goddess of night, magic, and hellish things, wanders the dream realm to destroy Nightmares who have escaped from what the dreamers call, The Nightmare Door.
The Nightmare Door is a creative portal. It creates the most terrifying nightmare of anyone who looks through it, with its own horrific twist. Unlike the bogart from Harry Potter, it creates more than monsters. It has been known to create entire universes whose sole intention is to torture the looker with their worst fears. The door faces to open a portal to the real, physical realm.
Nyx battles the nightmares ferociously, as she questions why and how the door was made, she is faced with the possibility that the answers she’s looking for might lead her to darker places than she could ever imagine, and to the end of her own existence.

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