“Miss Popular and Mr. Right” by Linda Yassine

Meet Emma. Her school ‘Seclaireve Academy’. She is one of the it crowd people, Head cheerleader. Every girl wants to be her. Her life? There’s no other word to put in through but perfect. Her past? let’s just say it turns her into an emotional mess. Yes, she’s Miss Popular. That won’t stand for long though. When Jake Brings himself, the new guy drives her attention and it seems like her life is not that perfect after all, everything turns upside down. She has a choice to make. She has to choose between him and her friends. People say he’s an arrogant jerk with a capital J and she has to stay away. Does Emma listen? of course not. According to her ‘no-one can tell her what to do’. Not to mention the gap between their age and school years. She is now hated by everyone and she’ll keep blaming him on and on…They’ll argue throughout and one will try to prove the other wrong. What happens when she forgets all about Jake and meets William Richardson? The handsome, youngest, New York’s billionaire.What type of a person will Jake turn out to be? A friend or a predator? Everything is in her hands , she has to write the story of her life without letting anyone else hold the pen.   lindayassine
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