‘Magnetic Souls’ by Devin TerSteeg

The purpose of the world is wrong. People seek the meaning of life across cultures and throughout time – the population doesn’t increase, that’s what people got wrong – they want to know the meaning of it all; what if humanity is just a Bet?
In the six million years since the start, when we were a trillion strong, this sick game has reduced humanity to a few billion. Love conquers all, but foremost its target is us.
If you find your soulmate, both souls cease to exist – they are just clutter in eyes of The Bet. If you fail to find your soulmate in your first life, try, try again, forevermore.
This is the story of how the Earth is a game, an intergalactic Bet between god-like aliens who designed an experiment with humanity as the guinea pigs. With all life on Earth at risk, in 2018 people are only beginning to catch onto the disappearances of those who fall in love – true and everlasting soulmate love – vanishing like the dead.
Given time, throughout all of time, everyone is reborn until their fate is met – a destiny set in the stars – that is until they find true love. God-like aliens watching us from on high have made it so.
I know you think me crazy, mad, some kind of lunatic, but look closer.
Who can break the cycle?  How much longer will it take humanity to dwindle down to zero?  Or can I warn them before it’s too late?



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