‘Lost Hope ‘ By Antonio Madrugada

In a distant world called Gandea -The Garden World- was a once-prosperous place.
Gandea was once the perfect replica of the Eternal Garden, made divine beings, the sons and the daughters of the Architect.
Now, all the people have been enslaved and have lost their hope. There were once ten kingdoms that were once ruled by just and kind monarchs who ensured that all the people were treated fairly and that their needs were met. But one day, a cruel and ambitious ruler overthrew all monarchs in a campaign that lasted ten years and he took control of all the kingdoms.
Then, a warrior with an amazing gift, started to spark the hope that was lost. And she started to lead a group of rebels, determined to overthrow the tyrant, and restore freedom to all kingdoms and of Gandea. They began to organize. Though they faced many challenges and setbacks along the way, they refused to give up.
As the rebellion grew in strength, the tyrant’s grip on the kingdom began to weaken. The people have hope now. But it will be enough to overcome all the battles to come?
Will they all have strength fight until the end, even the most daunting of challenges?
There is long path and many bloody battles to survive.
And it will never easy, where even love and friendship is tested to the very limit.

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