‘Kiss or Kill’ By Roww VD

Rayn Moreno is the Don of the Italian Mafia. Some would describe him as a ruthless, handsome, fearless, sex on legs. While to others he is nothing but a bloodthirsty, merciless, full-blown psychopath!

– – – – –

Arya Dobrevski is an undercover agent who works for a secret organization. She is young, beautiful, strong-minded and very stubborn. She has a dark past and only one purpose; the breakdown of the Italian mafia.

What happens when two opposites are brought together?

Will there be attraction, destruction or both?

A dark romance full of prejudices, desire, betrayal, and regret. Because nothing is what it seems.


He glares at me, his eyes cold, empty and furious, like two bottomless pits of darkness.

“Do you think this is a fucking game!” he sneers, as his body trembles with rage.

His smooth, tanned skin is covered with beads of sweat, and I see a vein bulging out on his left temple. His usual perfectly-styled hair now slightly disheveled.

He grabs me by my collar, almost lifting my feet off the ground, and slams my body against the wall.

“So you want to play?” he asks in a strong Italian accent holding my gaze with such an intensity, that got me hypnotized.

“Let’s play, ” he whispers in my ear, whilst his hot minty breath fans against my cheek.

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