‘Infatuation & Intoxication ‘ By k. e. reuben

Miles and Kate are college sweethearts while Raquel third wheels. She finds a man of her own who she originally expects will be Austin but really turns out to be Ezra. They all graduate and everything is dandy until theres a catastrophic accident caused by Raquel and Ezra’s recklessness, harming Kate in the process. Miles struggles to forgive them for hurting his significant other. His grudge builds a huge wall between Kate and Raquel. Kate misses her closest friend despite what she’s done to her. Raquel dumps Ezra and is finally with Austin. They have three sons. Miles and Kate have five children. As the kids grow, they face their own drama, hardships, and tragedies. The story comes full circle when they enter college just like their parents did all those years back.

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