‘The Farpool’ by Philip Bosshardt

Teen-agers Chase and Angie witness a waterspout off Scotland Beach, Florida. After it’s gone, they investigate a whirlpool nearby. They spot two marine animals, clad in suits. The creatures blind them with some kind of device, then disappear into the whirlpool. The teen-agers are trapped in the vortex and wind up catapulted six thousand light years, to an ocean world called Seome. The Seomish call it the Farpool. It’s a wormhole. Chase and Angie arrive in this world, riven by conflict, wracked by sound and vibration from a base on a small island, a base set up by Umans, star-faring descendants of the teenagers’ own human race. The Umans operate a Time Twister. The Umans are fighting off a malevolent enemy called the Coethi; one of the effects of the Twister is the Farpool. Now Chase and Angie find themselves in the midst of an existential crisis, a race against time and destiny. Chase wants to stay behind, to learn more about this amazing world and to help his new–found Seomish friends defend themselves. Angie wants to go home. But the challenge is this: Farpool depends on the Twister working. If it’s shut down, the wormhole will be gone. Chase and Angie now must decide: stay with their new found Seomish family, or attempt to go back through the Farpool before it’s

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